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Why to choose us

Highest quality

InScripto is a team of professional translators, Native Speakers and proofreaders.

Advantageous rates

Advantageous rates and favourable discounts for regular customers.

Due diligence and reliability

The highest quality of translations, meeting deadlines and permanent rules of cooperation.


Any data contained in the source documents are kept in privacy and regarded confidential.

Internet-based services

You can order your translation right from your office.
We are always near our customers, no matter how far they actually are.

Minimum formalities

You will not be asked to fill in any unnecessary forms. You will contact us easily and quickly!


InScripto Translation Agency offers the highest quality at good price, which at the same time guarantees, that a proper professional works with your translated document.

For convenience of our English-speaking Customers, we have converted our price quotations into a pay-per-word formula. What's more our rates are denominated in EUR to give you even greater control of translation cost.

Groups Languages Target Language Translation Type
Plain Certified
I English
Polish €8,5/page €0,03/word €10,0/page
Foreign €10,0/page €0,04/word €11,5/page
II Spanish
Italian Belarusian
Polish €11,0/page €0,05/word €12,5/page
Foreign €13,0/page €0,06/word €15,0/page
III Danish
Polish €15,0/page €0,07/word €17,0/page
Foreign €17,0/page €0,08/word €20,0/page

* Net prices in €

As we are open for our Customers' needs and requirements we are happy to provide translations in any other languages. The cost of translation from languages not listed in the table above depends on the language group, to which specific language belongs



Before you commission a translation please select your preferable pricing method. You can choose between the pay-per-word or pay-per-page formula. If you choose to pay-per-page please keep in mind that depending on the type of translation i.e. plain/specialist or certified, the unit page consists of 1600 or 1125 characters with spaces.


According to the guidelines on performing written translations developed by the Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters (STP) standard page format of the translation consists of 1600 with spaces.

Translation modes:

standard (translation up to 5 unit pages or 1250 words a day)
urgent (up to 8 unit pages or 2000 words a day, +50% to the basic rate)
super urgent (swift translation delivered on the same day or for the next day or translation more than 8 unit pages or 2000 words a day, +100% to the basic rate)


The standard page format of the certified translation consists of 1125 characters with spaces. Please note that according to the Polish Law certified translation volume must be evaluated on the basis of page format consisting of 1125 characters with spaces. Consequently we can not evaluate the size of such translation on the basis of the number of words.


Depending on our customers' needs we can also deliver interpretation services. We can provide you with consecutive, simultaneous or chuchotage translation. The cost of such service depends on the language group, type of translation, number of hours and the venue of translation. To learn more details please contact us directly.